“Spoken Wor(l)d”: Credits:

Music composed, programmed and produced by Phileas.
Music recorded on a Pro Tools portable M-Box system in Antwerp, Bangkok, Barcelone, Hamburg, London, Lima and Paris between 2005 an 2008.
Original voice footages recorded by Phileas.
Mixed and mastered in Lima, Peru, by Jose Carlos Ponce at Elias Ponce Studios, in April 2008.
Photograph, artwork and packaging design by Phileas.

“Spoken Wor(l)d”:  Tracklist:

1. Welcome
2. Ursprache
3. Batman in D
4. Sight for a 24-hour Rotation
5. The Reason to Stay Awake
6. Red Drowning Sun
7. Picture Game 8. Dawn at Mae Klong
9. The Path of Roses
10. A Grasshopper’s Journey
11. Stuck on the Tube 12. Henley Road

“Spoken Wor(l)d”:  Languages:

Spoken Wor(l)d contains original voice samples in the following languages:
Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arab, Kabyle, Japanese, Thai, Italian, German, Greek, Polish, Bulgarian, Serbian, Asturian, Quechua, Catalan, Russian, Dutch, Korean, Creole French, Hindi, Somali, Burmese, Persian, Hebrew.

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spoken wor(l)d

  • Spoken Wor(l)d Leaf
  • Spoken Wor(l)d (2008) is an electronic music project that celebrates human speech and language, composed and produced by France-based Peruvian music artist Phileas. The artist spent three years wandering the globe collecting voice samples in more than 30 languages for this recording.

    Spoken Wor(l)d was included in 2008 by the UNESCO in the celebration of the International Year of Languages and received the Vox Populi Award as Best Album Dance/Electronica of the Year in the 8th. Independent Music Awards. Tracks from Spoken Wor(l)d have been air played in radio stations from the USA, Peru and Spain. Phileas has performed live in Germany, France, Colombia, Brazil and Peru.

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