About Phileas.

France-based Peruvian electronic music solo artist Roger Velasquez (Lima, 1976), also known as Phileas, has not only been a restless geographic traveler, but also a curious and avid explorer on different fields of art.

By the time he obtained his Master’s Degree in Architecture in France in 2007 he had already been working for 10 years as a musician for LOT Theatre, an avant-garde theatre and performance company based in Lima, Peru. LOT, having a strong focus on spoken word performances, was critical in making Roger discover the magic that resulted from the blend of speech and music, and took him to share these sound experimentations in numerous presentations across Europe and Latin America.

Besides scenographic music, Phileas has been also appealed by pop: in 2005 he produced, arranged and performed all keyboards and guitars in nun, a pop-rock album featuring Peruvian vocalist Natalí Jimenez, which was considered by some Peruvian media as one of the best debut albums of that year.

Signing as Phileas for the first time in 2007, the artist engages himself in the final production phase of a project that dated from his early years with LOT, and that he saw reinforced by his countless journeys in countries of four continents between 2002 and 2007. During this time, Phileas collected countless multi-lingual voice recordings from his interviews with people along his trips. Roger spent most of 2007 writing the music that would frame and praise this collection of voice footages. The result is Spoken Wor(l)d (released worldwide on July 2008), an electro-pop album that features human speeches in more than 30 languages.

In addition, in 2006, Phileas, signing as Roger Velásquez, also published in Lima a collection of poems titled Corazones, and produced Conversations Avec Le Musicien, a 40-minute length documentary film about his experiences inside LOT Theatre, which he filmed on locations in Peru, Brazil, France and The Netherlands and that features some of the music he composed for the company.
Phileas lives and works at present in Paris, France.

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spoken wor(l)d

  • Spoken Wor(l)d Leaf
  • Spoken Wor(l)d (2008) is an electronic music project that celebrates human speech and language, composed and produced by France-based Peruvian music artist Phileas. The artist spent three years wandering the globe collecting voice samples in more than 30 languages for this recording.

    Spoken Wor(l)d was included in 2008 by the UNESCO in the celebration of the International Year of Languages and received the Vox Populi Award as Best Album Dance/Electronica of the Year in the 8th. Independent Music Awards. Tracks from Spoken Wor(l)d have been air played in radio stations from the USA, Peru and Spain. Phileas has performed live in Germany, France, Colombia, Brazil and Peru.

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